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This website is privately owned and not affiliated with the State of North Carolina. All use of this website constitutes your agreement to these terms:

For the purposes of this Terms of Use agreement, free accounts are the same as member accounts except that there is no expiration.

Membership is for a period of one (1) year which begins when payment is received.

Members have limited, non-transferrable access to the website. Membership may be terminated without refund for noncompliance with the terms of this agreement.

Members may terminate their membership at any time. NC-CCHN reserves the right to decide if any refund is applicable.

Any and all content of the website, with the exception of content provided by members for use in their account, is property NC-CCHN and may not be used without the explicit consent of NC-CCHN.

The member grants NC-CCHN royalty-free license to display all content of any form that he uploads or posts on the website.

Standards for appropriate content:

  1. No unlawful content. The member will assume complete liability for any content he uploads or posts on the website.
  2. No profane or obscene language.
  3. No pornographic, sexually explicit or otherwise inappropriate content.
  4. No content that is denigrating, disparaging, threatening or invasive of private or public rights regarding any person or group.
  5. No language or image content of firearms that is contrary to conventional standards of usage and safety. Conventional standards are those of law abiding, firearm-educated Americans.
  6. NC-CCHN is not responsible to monitor member content but reserves the right to do so.
  7. NC-CCHN is the sole arbiter as to what constitutes appropriate content for this website and may edit or remove or cause to be edited or removed any member content.

No legal advice is given on this website. No content from NC-CCHN or a member should be construed to be legal advice explicit or implied.

NC-CCHN is not responsible for the legality, veracity or accuracy of content provided by members or sponsors.

There is no claim that this website is error free. The website is presented as is and NC-CCHN shall not be responsible for or held liable for any loss, injury, damage or claim of any kind related to the information in or use of the website.

NC-CCHN reserves the right to modify these terms of agreement at any time. Any updated version of this agreement is effective when it is posted on the website.


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The following definitions will apply to this document:

  • this website or the website refers to nc-cch.com
  • NC-CCHN - North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Network, the website or the owner of the website.
  • CCH - Concealed Carry Handgun
  • member - person who has a member account on this website.
  • membership - a member account on this website.
  • free account - a non-member account on this website.
  • sponsor - Paid advertisers on this website
  • terms - Terms and conditions
  • he - he, or she when gender is unknown