North Carolina Firearm Laws and Related Documents

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North Carolina State Constitution
See Article I, Section 30. Militia and the right to bear arms.
Firearms Laws and Permits
This document used to be published by the NC DOJ. It is now published by the North Carolina Sheriff's Association. Though useful, it may not be authoritative.
Prohibited Carry Areas
North Carolina Concealed Handgun Chart - Prohibited Carry Areas
Concealed Carry Handgun reciprocity with other states.
Regulated Carry Areas
N.C. Regulated Firearms Carry Areas for Private Citizens
GS 106-503.2
Regulation of firearms at State Fair.
GS 113-291.1(c)
Suppressor or other device designed to muffle ,,,
GS 113-44
Definitions [of Department, Park, Plan, Secretary, State Parks System]
GS 14-269
Carrying concealed weapons
GS 14-269.1
Confiscation and disposition of deadly weapons
GS 14-269.2
Weapons on campus or other educational property
GS 14-269.3
Carrying weapons into assemblies and establishments where alcoholic beverages are sold and consumed
GS 14-269.4
Weapons on certain State property and in courthouses
GS 14-27.20 ... 36
Article 7B., Rape and Other Sex Offenses.
GS 14-277.2
Weapons at parades, etc., prohibited
GS 14-315
Selling or giving weapons to minors
GS 14-315.1
Storage of firearms to protect minors
GS 14-315.2
Warning upon sale or transfer of firearm to protect minor
GS 14-316
Permitting young children to use dangerous firearms
GS 14-33
Misdemeanor assaults, batteries, and affrays, simple and aggravated; punishments.
GS 14-34
Assaulting by pointing gun
GS 14-402
Sale of certain weapons without permit forbidden
GS 14-403
Permit issued by sheriff; form of permit; expiration of permit.
GS 14-404
Issuance or refusal of permit; appeal from refusal; grounds for refusal; sheriff's fee.
GS 14-409
Machine guns and other like weapons
GS 14-409.40
Statewide uniformity of local regulation
GS 14-409.41
Chief law enforcement officer certification; certain firearms.
GS 14-409.42
Restoration process to remove mental commitment bar.
GS 14-409.43
Reporting of certain disqualifiers to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).
GS 14-409.46
Sport shooting range protection.
GS 14-409.47
Application of Article [sport shooting range]
GS 14-415.1
Possession of firearms, etc., by felon prohibited
GS 14-415.10
Concealed Handgun Permit, Definitions
GS 14-415.11
Permit to carry concealed handgun; scope of permit
GS 14-415.12
Criteria to qualify for the issuance of a permit
GS 14-415.13
Application for a permit; fingerprints
GS 14-415.14
Application form to be provided by sheriff; information to be included in application form
GS 14-415.15
Issuance or denial of permit
GS 14-415.16
Renewal of permit
GS 14-415.17
Permit; sheriff to retain a list of permittees; confidentiality of list and permit application information; availability to law enforcement agencies
GS 14-415.18
Revocation or suspension of permit
GS 14-415.19
GS 14-415.20
No liability of sheriff
GS 14-415.21
Violations of this Article punishable as an infraction
GS 14-415.22
Construction of Article
GS 14-415.23
Statewide Uniformity
GS 14-415.24
GS 14-415.25
Exemption from permit requirement
GS 14-415.26
Certification of qualified retired law enforcement officers
GS 14-415.27
Expanded permit scope for certain persons
GS 14-415.3
Possession of a firearm or weapon of mass destruction by persons acquitted of certain crimes by reason of insanity or persons determined to be incapable to proceed prohibited
GS 14-415.4
Restoration of firearms rights.
GS 14-43.13.
Sexual servitude
GS 14-51.2
Home, workplace, and motor vehicle protection; presumption of fear of death or serious bodily harm.
GS 14-51.3
Use of force in defense of person; relief from criminal or civil liability [stand your ground]
GS 14-51.4
Justification for defensive force not available
GS 15A-404
Detention of offenders by private persons.
GS 15A-405
Assistance to law-enforcement officers by private persons to effect arrest or prevent escape; benefits for private persons.
GS 15A-502
Photographs and fingerprints
GS 166A-19.31
Power of municipalities and counties to enact ordinances to deal with states of emergency
GS 20-4.01 Definitions
Included here for clarification of 14-51.2; definitions of home, workplace and motor vehicle.
NCAC 13B .0901
Administrative Code (not law)
Firearms: Weapons: Explosives Regulation set by NC Parks Service prohibiting open carry in state parks.

Federal Firearm Laws and Related Documents